Product Info:

450mm Depth:

  • VF415 N: 1200W x 450D x 760Hmm
  • VF515 N: 1500W x 450D x 760Hmm
  • VF615 N: 1800W x 450D x 760Hmm

600mm Depth

  • VF420 N: 1200W x 600D x 760Hmm
  • VF520 N: 1500W x 600D x 760Hmm
  • VF620 N: 1800W x 600D x 760Hmm

750mm Depth

  • VF425 N: 1200W x 750D x 760Hmm
  • VF525 N: 1500W x 750D x 760Hmm
  • VF625 N: 1800W x 750D x 760Hmm


  • Top color: Light grey + dark grey edging
  • Table leg: Metal in 25mm x 25mm Black epoxy finish

Key Feature:

  • Metal modesty panel in silver epoxy finish

  • with grommet for cabling purpose

Brownbox service:

  • Free delivery & installation within Klang Valley for order above RM600
  • Delivery time: Production period is 3-10 working days. We will deliver within 2 weeks after receive payment

Banquet Table | Folding Table | 4,5,6 Feet

  • Production period is 3-10 days, so we will deliver within 2 weeks.

  • Please refor to our MFC color chart. 

    Charges may applied for color not in the option.